This is a promotional photo for Grand Illusions Zoom Virtual Magic Show, a virtual corporate magic and illusion show starring Toronto, Canada,  magician and illusionist, Aaron Paterson

Grand Illusions Virtual Magic Show - Magician and Illusionist, Aaron Paterson is Reinventing Zoom Virtual Performances for Corporate and Special Events in Canada and Internationally

We prefer to perform corporate magic shows live and in person, however due to current government regulations related to Covid 19 there are now limitations on what is possible.  Not wanting to disappoint our loyal clientele, in circumstances where live performances are no longer possible, we are offering a completely unique take on the virtual corporate magic show via Zoom - Grand Illusions Virtual featuring Aaron Paterson.  This is NOT a magician performing card tricks for a webcam in their living room or a mentalist “reading your mind” while attempting to look mysterious for the camera (not that there is anything wrong with that).   Grand Illusions Virtual Magic Show is an experience that must be participated in to be appreciated.  In fact we are so convinced in our unique approach that we have spent the last 3 months designing and building a state-of-the-art studio at a secret location in Canada where we are able to livestream to anywhere in the world, to any audience of any size (provided that the viewer has high speed internet).  This allows a uniquely intimate approach where viewers get to experience illusion in an unbelievable new format in the safety of there own environment.

Does this mean that we are discontinuing live appearances?

Definitely not, on the contrary actually, we are ramping them up where possible but simply offering an astounding alternative when it is more appropriate. In fact if you are looking for a live appearance at your next event in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, please see our live performance options here: Toronto Magician for Live Entertainment

This new format allows us to create spectacular experiences, free of limitations of any kind, experiences that only our Cloud based packages could allow for.


Being that this project is proprietary in many ways we are keeping this experience top secret - we kindly ask you to fill out our short form for further details about our virtual magic show performances.   We promise that the little bit of extra effort will be worth it though and will be happy to contact you on how to make your next virtual event a resounding success!

We’ve already said too much though, please fill out the form NOW and we will contact you right away!

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