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This image depicts the Revlon logo.

Aaron Paterson performs for world leader in the Cosmetics industry, Revlon Canada Inc and has their employee’s “entranced and delighted”, receiving a standing ovation for his performance.

Aaron Paterson and assistant Elise take a well deserved bow while performing their Corporate Entertainment for Revlon in Ontario.
Aaron Paterson reads the thought of Revlon employees at Real Sports in Toronto Ontario.

When Revlon Canada Inc. was looking for some special entertainment for their recent employee Corporate Luncheon, they specifically requested the services of Canada’s premiere Event Illusionist, Aaron Paterson.  The event organizer, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, made arrangements to book one of Aaron Paterson's custom, comedy magic and illusion shows for the affair.  Aaron was able to magically incorporate Revlon’s key slogan into the performance in a couple of his custom performance pieces.  A modular dinner theatre was constructed for the performance to lend to the theatrical atmosphere and create a distinctive performance with Aaron Paterson’s signature flare.  The performance was a resounding success!  One of Revlon’s executives commented that in 25 years of attending Revlon events and witnessing many different forms of entertainment, Aaron Paterson was the best.  The performance was received with Standing Ovation from Revlon employees.  Here is what Revlon had to say about our corporate entertainment services:

"We were all entranced & delighted with Aaron Paterson’s Magic show.  The show elicited smiles, laughter & admiration as it brought out the child in each of us. It truly delivered on the joyful spirit of the Season. Thank you! "

Executive Assistant to Senior VP and GM
Revlon Canada Inc.

Aaron Paterson's assistant Elise magicial appears while performing for Revlon in Ontario.
An enthusiastic audience of Revlon employees shows their appreciation for Aaron Paterson's corporate entertainment by giving him a standing ovation.

Volkswagen Group Logo

One of the world’s largest companies, Volkswagen Group brought Aaron Paterson in for their recent all employee meeting and he presented an "exceptional and tailored show” receiving a standing ovation for his performance from the over 300 employees in attendance.

Aaron Paterson greets Volkswagen Group at the begining of his corporate entertainment performance.
Aaron Paterson does something magical with glowing red door at the Ajax convention centre in Ontario.
Stage volunteers laugh hysterically at Aaron Paterson's corporate entertainment at the Ajax Convention centre in Ontario.

Aaron Paterson recently worked with the Volkswagen Group in providing customized entertainment for their  recent all employee meeting.  Guests were treated to some of Aaron’s world class Close-up Magic prior to dinner to whet their appetite for his spectacular illusion show to come later in the evening.  Aaron took the  stage around 9pm, for an hour in a performance that featured some unbelievable mind reading, the levitation of a woman and (to the audiences surprise) the magical “appearance” of Volkswagen’s Human resources director, who also hosted the event.  Aaron was able to incorporate and relay key concepts from the business portion of the day, into his performance which made it much more relevant to the event.  Aaron Paterson Magic would like to extend a Thank you to Volkswagen Group for trusting them with such a key event.  Here is what Volkswagen had to say about his customized services:

"Our employees really enjoyed Aaron Paterson’s interactive show of magic and illusions; filled with fun and wonderment!  He went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional and tailored show.  His professionalism, coupled with his turn-key entertainment solution, made his show worry free for our organizing committee. I would highly recommend Aaron Paterson Magic."

Senior Buyer
Volkswagen Group Canada

Napolean Logo

One of Canada’s best managed companies, Napoleon retains the services of one of Canada’s premiere event entertainers and the results are “mind-blowing”.

Aaron Paterson performs for Napolean in Ontario to Rave Reviews

Barrie, Ontario recently played host to some incredible entertainment from Aaron Paterson Magic.  When one of the best managed companies and most respected brands in Canada was looking for some extra special, headlining entertainment for their event, they approached Aaron Paterson.  Aaron presented a “fantastic” show for the over 400 guests in attendance.  He had the audience laughing hysterically, enthralled by some incredible illusion, as well as becoming the stars of the show in some hilariously funny audience involvement segments.  Here is what Napoleon had to say following Aaron’s performance:    

"Aaron’s show was fantastic, his talent for comedic and magic timing makes the show a pure delight. His illusions are mind-blowing and eye-pleasing! The audience participation was enjoyed by everyone at our party, and we can’t wait to see more of Aaron’s entertainment in the future."

HR Administrator

Guelph Hydro logo

Aaron Paterson puts Guelph Hydro “under his spell” in Ontario with his clean, corporate entertainment and receives a standing ovation for his performance.

Aaron Paterson mystifies a corporate audience consisting of Guelph Hydro employees in Barrie Ontario.
The audience is thoroughly enthralled while Aaron Paterson performs his corporate entertainment.

When one of Guelph Hydro’s upper management saw Aaron Paterson perform at an event for another company, she knew that his corporate entertainment would be the perfect fit for their event.  She took the idea to their committee and the decision to book Aaron Paterson was unanimous.  Aaron provided them with over 2 hours of action packed entertainment including some of the signature effects and illusions that have helped to make him one of the most successful corporate entertainers in Canada.  The performance was so successful that the audience showed their appreciation with an enthusiastic standing ovation.  Here is what the event organizer had to say about Aaron’s custom entertainment:

"Aaron Paterson has a certain way of putting you under his spell. Aaron's mix of magic and hypnosis had all our employees from different age groups laughing and applauding all night long. He reinvents comedy hypnosis and delivers an energizing evening of magic and amazement."

Manager of Customer Service
Guelph Hydro

Aaron gets ready to show the corporate audience his expertise with playing cards in Ontario.
Aaron Paterson hypnotizes two volunteers while performing for Guelph Hydro in Ontario.

Konica Minolta logo.

Konica Minolta retains the services of one of Canada's leading corporate entertainers, Aaron Paterson for their key sales kick-off and Aaron "delivers", receiving a standing ovation for his presentation.

Aaron Paterson performs corporate entertainment for Konica Minolta.
Corporate entertainment professional performs in Ontario for Konica Minolta.
Two volunteers assistant Aaron Paterson in his recent performance for Konica Minolta in Ontario.

When Konica Minolta Business Solutions Limited was looking for a unique, energetic way in which to close their recent sales kick-off that took place at the Westin Bristol Hotel, they contacted Ontario corporate entertainment specialist, Aaron Paterson. Aaron was able to work with Konica Minolta in providing a 1 hour presentation with elements that incorporated key, custom message integration and some of his most popular illusions and effects. Creating a diversified program that included something for everyone. The Weston Bristol Hotel was a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating to the requirements of such a large production. Aaron would like to extend a thank you to their hard-working staff for helping to make the performance the success that it was. Here is what Konica Minolta had to say about the performance:

"Aaron’s entertainment certainly delivered.   What a great, interactive show.   Our staff loved every aspect of it.   Hypnotism, magic and comedy."

Director of Sales, Central Market.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Canada Ltd.

Carlton Cards logo.

Carlton Cards retains the services of one of Canada’s top corporate entertainers to entertain at their recent employee luncheon and the event is a resounding success!

Carlton cards of Ontario books Aaron Paterson's corporate entertainment for their employee event.

Carlton cards recently commissioned Aaron Paterson to entertain it’s employees at their recent luncheon and the event was a great success.  Aaron was able to present an interactive performance that incorporated each and every employee in attendance and at times had the magic taking place in their very own hands.  Aaron read people’s thoughts, made sentimental items vanish and reappear in impossible locations and overall created a fun atmosphere for the event. The highlight of the performance was when Aaron created the illusion of Telekinesis as he caused an object to mysteriously move on it’s own while he was no where near it, an act which evoked astonished reactions from the many attendees.  Here is what Carlton Cards had to say about Aaron Paterson’s Corporate Entertainment:

"I had nothing but fantastic feedback about your work today.  Thank you so much for your performance. The folks here are still trying to figure out how you did the magic! You helped make my lunch a great success and I really appreciate it.  I have some folks that have asked for your contact info so I hope you don't mind if I pass it along."

Director of Marketing
Carlton Cards Limited

Allied Pharmacists Inc logo

Allied Pharmacists Inc. recently sought out Aaron Paterson due to his stellar track record in providing high quality Corporate Entertainment in Ontario and all over Canada, and Aaron receives an enthusiastic standing ovation from the many Pharmaceutical industry delegates in attendance.

Aaron Paterson performs corporate entertainment in Ontario for API and prepares for something amazing.
Aaron makes girl levitate at API conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Aaron Paterson can now count the two most prominent pharmaceutical advocacy groups in Ontario as satisfied client’s.  API (Allied Pharmacists Inc.) recently held a conference for its members and in order to show appreciation for their loyalty, provided some very special entertainment to headline their gala evening.  One of their board members had seen Aaron perform at Deerhurst Resort for OnPharm (the other most prominent pharmaceutical advocacy group in Ontario) and as a result had no hesitation in immediately retaining his services for their turn-key event.  The event took place at Ontario’s Congress centre with Aaron taking the stage at around 10pm and performing a 75 minute presentation in which he made a lady levitate in mid-air, caused attendees watches to vanish from their wrists, and taught the audience of over 300 Pharmacists how to achieve the impossible, which was an incredible metaphor for business success.  The guests were so enthused with Aaron’s performance that they showed there appreciation with an enthusiastic standing ovation.  The Congress Centre was a wonderful venue for the event and was very accommodating in providing AV support for such a large performance.   Aaron looks forward to working with API on future events.

Aaron Paterson performs corporate entertainment in Ontario for over 300 pharmacists at API conference.
A lady from the audience is amazed that Aaron was able to read her mind.

Telfer School of Management logo.

Aaron Paterson performs Corporate Entertainment in Ontario for the University of Ottawa’s, Telfer School of Management, at the Alumni Theatre and receives a standing ovation for his performance.

Ontario corporate entertainer performs for Telfer School of Management in Ottawa.

When the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management was looking to exceed the success of their previous annual event, they contacted Aaron Paterson Magic.  Aaron was chosen from among many other entertainers due to his track record for success.  Students were treated to some of Aaron’s most innovative and visually stunning illusions and comedy and he received an immediate standing ovation following his performance, solidifying Aaron’s abilities to customize performances for any age range or demographic.

The alumni theatre staff were a pleasure to work with and incredibly accommodating, helping to facilitate a sophisticated performance with so many moving parts.  

Aaron looks forward to working with the Telfer School of Management on future events.

Aaron Paterson stands on trunk in corporate performance for Telfer School of management in Ontario.
Fire shoots from Aaron's finger tips in Corporate performance in Ontario.

Aon Hewitt logo

Aaron Paterson performs Corporate Entertainment in Ontario at the King Edward Hotel for Aon Hewitt and receives two consecutive standing ovations.

Aaron Paterson performs his Ontario corporate entertainment at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto.
Corporate Entertainment Ontario by master magician Aaron Paterson.  Two volunteers assist Aaron in a Hilarious effect.
Aaron Paterson receives a standing ovation from Aon Hewitt employees.  Corporate Entertainment Ontario at its finest.

Aaron Paterson was chosen from among many other keynote presenters to entertain at Aon Hewitt's recent conference that took place at the historical King Edward hotel in Toronto.  He was hand picked by the executive team of Aon Hewitt, a world leader in the human capital and management consulting industry.    Specializing in versatile, customized presentations, Aaron was able to captivate conference goers with a 1 hour performance.

Guests became the stars of the performance as they participated in some of the most cutting edge magic, mentalism and illusion being presented on stage today.
By Incorporating key messages from the conference directly into the performance, Aaron was able to create a presentation that was relevant to the group of Aon Hewitt employees.  To close the performance Aaron made a woman levitate 7 feet in the air on the open stage, audible gasps could be heard from the captivated audience.  Attendees showed their appreciation for the performance by giving Aaron two consecutive standing ovations. Corporate Entertainment Ontario at its best!

The King Edward hotel was very accommodating to work with which aided in making the performance the huge success that it was.  Aaron would like to extend a thank you to Aon Hewitt for choosing his services and being such a pleasure to work for.  Aaron hopes for the opportunity to work with the company on key future events.

CGA Ontario logo

Magician and Illusionist Aaron Paterson Performs for the Black Tie, CGA of Ontario Past Chairs dinner at the Ritz Carlton to rave reviews from those in attendance.

Illusionist Aaron Paterson performs Corporate Entertainment at the Ritz Carlton for CGA of Ontario.
Photo of the Ritz Carlton in Ontario where Aaron Paterson performed his Corporate Entertainment recently.

When CGA was looking for entertainment for one of their most prestigious events they knew they could rely on Aaron Paterson to customize a presentation specifically for a crowd that is known for being very discerning. The results were just what the executive at CGA had in mind and the audience raved about the performance following the event. The CEO commented that Aaron hit another one out of the park being that this was Aaron’s fourth event entertaining for various branches of CGA. The Ritz Carlton was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Here is what CGA had to say about the performance:

"The Aaron Paterson magic show entertained the staff of CGA Ontario at our Christmas Party. The show was such a success that we engaged Aaron to perform at a Past Chairs Dinner. He proved that he is able to adapt to a wide age range and to any occasion. He has the ability to read an audience, engage their participation and we were all left asking “how did he do that."

Manager, Office of the CEO
CGA Ontario

Aaron performs a card trick for CGA Ontario
Aaron Paterson makes assistant levitate while performing in Ontario, providing corporate entertainment.

Esco Canada logo

Aaron Paterson performs in Port Hope for Esco Corp at their 20 year employee event and the evening is a "huge success”.

Aaron Paterson performing on stage for Esco Corp with some custom entertainment.

Past client of Aaron Paterson Magic, Esco Corp, recently brought him back to headline their key 20 year employee and retiree event that took place in the lovely Port Hope, Ontario. Aaron was able to provide entertainment that included something for everyone featuring comedy, magic, audience involvement and illusion. As result of the performance, Esco deemed the event a huge success. Attendees were recognized by Esco for various milestones including long standing employment with the company and retirees were honoured for their years of service to the company. Aaron was honoured to have been asked to be the entertainment for such a key event and looks forward to working with them again on future events.

"THANK YOU Aaron......your performance was phenomenal. YOU made our evening the huge success that it was. The function was seamless. I’ve been telling co-workers about your show. Should anyone be seeking top notch entertainment, I will certainly share your name."

HR Specialist
Esco Corp

Aaron Paterson levitiates his assistant while performing corporate entertainment for Ontario company Esco Corp.
Aaron Paterson magicially appears during performance in Port Hope, Ontario for Esco Corp.

Trafalgar Lodge logo

Aaron Performs corporate entertainment at the historic Scottish Rite building in Hamilton, Ontario to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Trafalgar Masonic Lodge and receives a standing ovation.

Aaron Paterson performs his Corporate Entertainment in Hamilton, Ontario at the historic Scottish Rite building.
Corporate entertainment in Hamilton took place at the historic Scottish Rite building by Aaron Paterson.

When the Trafalgar Masonic Lodge was looking for first class entertainment for their Golden Anniversary celebration that took place at the Scottish rite building in Hamilton, Ontario, they approached Aaron Paterson. Guests were treated to a hilarious performance filled with comedy, magic and illusion. The lodge was thrilled that Aaron was able to incorporate their fiftieth anniversary into his performance as well as to include their special guests attending from Battlefield lodge (an affiliate lodge). Aaron pulled out all of the stops in order to make this an extra special performance and the lodge and guests showed their appreciation with an enthusiastic standing ovation. Included in the performance were various signature pieces from Aaron’s professional repertoire featuring an escape effect from a large packing crate, the appearance of a large snowstorm on the stage and the thoughts of attendees being read as if by Extra Sensory Perception. The historic Scottish Rite building played host to the event and was a pleasure to work with on achieving such a successful evening.   Corporate Entertainment Hamilton at its best!

DSAP logo

Aaron Paterson was honoured to perform for the Gala evening in support of Down Syndrome Awareness, receiving a standing ovation for his performance.

Promotional Poster for DSAP event

Aaron Paterson was recently chosen as the headlining corporate entertainment provider for the Gala evening to support Down Syndrome Awareness that took place at the Renaissance By the Creek in Mississauga. At $100 per person, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause, the event was a big success including a silent auction, gourmet dinner, entertainment by Aaron Paterson and dancing. Aaron was honoured to have been a part of the evening performing a spectacular 1 hour show for the approximately 300 guests. Guests showed their appreciation for the performance with a standing ovation. The Renaissance By The Creek staff were a pleasure to work with from start to finish and were instrumental in providing such a seamless evening. Aaron was able to supply DSAP with custom magic tricks for event participants, silk screened with the DSAP logo. An ideal souvenir for a magical evening.

In Canada, Down Syndrome is the most common genetic condition affecting 1 in 800 births. For further information or to make a donation, please visit the following link:

Tube Mac logo

Aaron Paterson performs Corporate Entertainment in Hamilton, Ontario for the Tube-Mac Piping Technologies recent employee event and is given a standing ovation from the many guests in attendance.

Corporate Entertainment Hamilton: this photo depicts Aaron Paterson performing for Tube Mac Piping Technologies.
Aaron Paterson performs Corporate Entertainment in Hamilton for Tube Mac Piping Technologies.

 Comedy, Magic and Illusion were the highlight of the evening for the recent Tube Mac Piping Technologies employee event. The event took place at the lovely Winona Vine Estates where guests were treated to a delicious gourmet meal prior to the performance. Aaron took the stage at around 8:30 pm for a one hour performance and thrilled the large audience with a variety of the most popular pieces from his vast repertoire. As a result of the performance Aaron has been booked for various other upcoming dates at the venue and looks forward to returning to present his highly acclaimed performances. Winona Vine Estates went out of their way to ensure that the event flowed smoothly and did an impeccable job of providing a smooth evening for those in attendance.

"Last night’s performance was great!   The office is a buzz today, everyone is still in awe of all the acts.  Thank you very much for making our party a great success."

Tube Mac Piping Technologies