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CGA Logo.

CGA brought Toronto, event entertainment specialist, Aaron Paterson back for a third event in just a year and he received a standing ovation from the many members in attendance.

Aaron and his assistant prepare for an unbelievable illusion.
Event entertainment professional from Toronto receives a Standing Ovation from CGA members.

CGA was so impressed with Aaron’s services at their new Member Night in October and their holiday Party in December that they brought him back for a third event honouring their 25 and 50 year members.  The evening took place at the Double Tree Toronto Airport, a venue in which Aaron had coincidentally been performing at for the two days prior on a completely separate conference.  The evening was a huge success with Aaron performing his custom Toronto event entertainment for just over an hour.  Guests showed their appreciation for Aaron’s performance by giving him an enthusiastic standing ovation.  Aaron was happy to stick around after the event to speak with guests and take photos with them.  It is loyal client’s like CGA that allow Aaron Paterson Magic to grow and flourish and Aaron is grateful for their continued patronage.  He looks forward to his next experience with CGA.

Aaron Paterson, Toronto event 		                         entertainment expert causes something magical to happen in two volunteers hands.
Aaron Paterson, Toronto event 		                         entertainment expert causes something magical to happen in two volunteers hands.

Toshiba logo

Ontario entertainment professional, Aaron Paterson was invited as the headliner at Toshiba of Canada's symposium event for Radiologists that took place at Stage West Dinner Theatre in Toronto.

Audience members stand and applaud for Event                                    Entertainment performer Aaron Paterson.
An audience volunteer laughs hysterically at the comedy of Ontario event entertainment professional Aaron Paterson.

Toshiba of Canada’s Medical Division recently invited Ontario event entertainment professional, Aaron Paterson to headline their Symposium with his hysterical, comedy magic and illusion performance.  The evening took place at Stage West Dinner theatre, beginning with Aaron mingling among guests, amazing them with his astounding sleight-of-hand-magic, while top Toronto musician, Dick Felix performed with his Jazz Trio.  The event continued with an authentic Japanese Sake Ceremony in which all guests participated and were able to enjoy a sampling of traditional Japanese sake.  Following the Sake Ceremony, dinner was provided by the venue’s catering staff and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Aaron hit the stage after dinner, performing for the just over one hundred Radiologists to enthusiastic reactions from all in attendance.  Toshiba was so impressed that they have booked Aaron for their international event in Chicago, Illinois in the fall.

"Thank you again for the phenomenal job you did entertaining at our corporate event in Toronto.  Your show provided fantastic entertainment that successfully engaged our audience.  Our crowd roared in laughter throughout the show.  To say the entertainnment was outstanding is truly an understatement.   I would certainly recommend Aaron Paterson to any corporate event."

Director of Marketing and Education
Toshiba of Canada Limited

Aaron performs for a very enthusiastic group of Radiologists.
Aaron amazes guests at Toshiba's recent symposium.

Ingredion Logo

Aaron Paterson provides event entertainment at St. George's Golf and Country Club for the former Casco Canada, employee event and receives an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Event entertainment expert Aaron Paterson performed at St. George's Golf and Country club in Toronto., Canada

The former Casco Canada (now Ingredion Inc) brought Aaron Paterson in as their event entertainment for current and former executives at their recent employee function, and the event is a huge success!  The annual event was held at the lovely St. Georges Golf and Country Club in Toronto and turned out to be a huge success.  Aaron put on his one hour dinner theatre style show and had guests springing to their feet following his performance for a standing ovation.  The Ingredion executives were an enthusiastic group and Aaron thoroughly enjoyed performing for them.  Ingredion was so impressed with Aaron’s services that they have booked him for a sales meeting in the fall.  Aaron is looking forward to working for their group again.

"I personally enjoyed your performance immensely, but more importantly I watched the audience for their reactions, and I have never seen everyone so happy with the entertainment. This was reinforced, as I spoke to our employees after your show, and this morning at the office - you and your beautiful assistant are still the main topic of conversation!"

Ingredion Canada Incorporated

Wallenstein feed logo

Toronto Event Entertainment specialist, Aaron Paterson is commissioned to headline two separate Wallenstein Feed client events.

Toronto event entertainment specialist, Aaron Paterson teach Wallenstein Feed audience a card trick
Aaron Paterson, Event Entertainment professional performs close-up magic for a recent Wallenstein Feed event.
Aaron proves that he can provide incredible event entertainment with the help of his assistant and a member of the audience as the inspector.

Aaron Paterson was recently invited to perform at two separate client events for Wallenstein Feed, one of the leaders in Ontario’s agricultural sector.  Wallenstein booked him for both his Cocktail/Mingling Entertainment as well as his After - Meal/Stage Entertainment services.

The first event took place in Woodstock Ontario at the Arden Park Hotel where upon arrival, guests were entertained by live music and the close-up magic of the Toronto entertainment professional.  Guests then sat down to enjoy a plentiful meal while the live music continued.  Aaron closed the evening , putting on a fifty minute stage performance where he enthralled guests with some unbelievable grand illusion.

The second event took place at the London Convention Centre where the almost 400 guests filled the auditorium, again being treatment to live music and the sleight-of-hand artistry of Toronto event entertainment professional, Aaron Paterson.  A lavish meal was enjoyed by all followed by Aaron's fifty minute comedy magic and illusion show.  Aaron had guests laughing and applauding and at times even becoming the stars of the performance.  Aaron looks forward to working with Wallenstein on future events.

P and H Milling logo

Aaron Paterson Headlines P&H Milling's recent employee event and receives a standing ovation.

Aaron provides event entertainment for P&H Milling and receives a standing ovation.

Aaron Paterson was recently commissioned to headline P&H Milling's annual employee event at the lovely Victoria Park East Golf Club in Guelph, Ontario.  As guests arrived, Aaron interacted with them performing his Mingling Entertainment, creating a fun atmosphere and giving them a taste of magic before the big show.  After dinner, Aaron took to the stage, captivating guests with his hilarious comedy, cutting edge illusion and his endearing personality.  On stage for one hour, a highlight of the performance was when Aaron caused a lady to levitate in mid-air.  Guests were so blown away by the performance that they showed their appreciation with a standing ovation.

"On behalf of the staff of P&H Milling Group, I wanted to let you know that everyone was absolutely thrilled with the momentum of your show, the excitement, the laughs and the amazing magic you performed. You know how to keep the attention of everyone.

I would highly recommend your show for everyone to see, all ages included."

Executive Assistant
P&H Milling Group

Aaron Paterson provides event entertainment by suspending a girl in mid-air.
Audience Particpation at P&H Milling event entertainment.

CGA logo

Aaron Paterson provides Event Entertainment for the recent CGA, New Member Night and receives an enthusiastic standing ovation.

CGA event entertainment standing ovation for Aaron Paterson.
Aaron makes snow appear from his hands for CGA event entertainment.
Aaron and Social Commitee Chair at event entertainment evening for CGA.

Aaron Paterson was recently invited to provide Event Entertainment for the Certified General Accountants of Ontario, New Members Night that took place in Mississauga, Ontario.  Aaron mesmerized the audience with a combination of incredible sleight-of-hand, hilarious comedy, and mind blowing illusion.  The audience was so enthused that they gave Aaron a standing ovation at the finale of his performance.  CGA was so impressed with Aaron's performance that they booked him for a second event involving their head office executives in downtown Toronto.  The CEO of CGA was a great sport and participated in the performance to the amusement of the new members.  The event was deemed a huge success due in no small part to the event entertainment provided by Aaron Paterson.

"It was really a wonderful and magical evening for all of us.  Everyone really loved your fantastic and amazing show.  I was really very happy of the outcome."

Chair Social Committee
Certified General Accountants

WRHBA logo

Event Entertainment Expert, Aaron Paterson headlines the WHRBA, SAM Awards Gala Evening.

Event Entertainment poster for the SAM awards featuring Aaron Paterson

The 17th Anniversary SAM awards was recently held in Kitchener, Ontario at Bingeman's Ballroom, honouring outstanding achievement in the residential construction industry.  Aaron Paterson was invited to headline the evening, providing entertainment for the over 500 guests in attendance.  Guests were treated to some of Aaron's signature event entertainment with a performance that included, laughter, applause and audience involvement.  One of the highlights was when Aaron caused, a very reconizable figure in Kitchener's Senior Building Official, to become "stuck" to his chair, creating a moment of hilarity that had the audience in stitches.  Aaron was able to customize the show to include the Waterloo Region Home Buliders Association (WRHBA), making the performance that much more relevant to the event.

Host and MC for the evening Ted Shire did an incredible job of keeping the evening flowing and the WRHBA an incredible job planning and implementing an event with so many moving parts.

Event Entertainment specialist starts the show at the WRHBA SAM awards.
Wide shot of Aaron Paterson performing event entertainment at the WRHBA SAM awards. logo

Aaron Paterson provides customized event entertainment to close the recent conference.

Event Entertainer Aaron Paterson has the audience hold their hands in the air.
Event Entertainment Expert begins show for

With operations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Mexico, was looking for a unique way to close their recent conference in London, Ontario.  Event Entertainment professional Aaron Paterson was brought in to provide them with a customized presentation that would convey key ideas while entertaining their delegates from all over the world.  Guests particpated in Aaron's fully interactive presentation and StarTech was extremely pleased with the outcome. 

"Thanks to you and Elise for your great performance. We had a lot of great feedback and you certainly helped to make the event very memorable! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to other organizations."

Event Entertainment specialist Aaron Paterson has audience member dress up on stage.
Aaron Paterson provides event entertainment using fire on stage.