The three key elements to throwing a successful corporate party in Toronto!  We call the elements by their acronym, FEA.  Here's how the ideas breakdown:


Corporate party ideas Toronto - Photo of shrimp salad

There are three main ideas to consider when organizing a successful corporate party, whether it be company sponsored or otherwise.  The number one consideration is to provide your guests with quality food and plenty of it, because once your guests are well fed, pleasing them from that-point-on becomes much more simplified.  If you are throwing a themed party consider food that is appropriate to your theme.  Toronto has some of the top caterers and banquet facilities in North American with many options for any budget.  Whatever route you decide to go in regards to food, ensure that quality is your number one priority. 


Corporate party ideas toronto - Photo of Aaron Paterson performing Cocktail Entertainment

The second of our corporate party ideas toronto is to provide entertainment that will allow your guests to forget about all of their stresses and focus on enjoying themselves.  Fun, fun, fun is the key.  For a business function we have the perfect blend of fun and professionally, customizable to suit your specific needs. Entertainment is probably one of the most difficult areas to ensure success, simply because everyone's views of what is entertaining are different.  WE have however, created universal solutions that will appeal to just about everyone, including the toughest critics.  Our corporate party ideas and entertainers are some of the best in Toronto (Canada for that matter).  Aaron Paterson has been working successfully providing live entertainment solutions to corporate party organizers just like you for over fifteen years.  It is this experience and the wealth of creative ideas that he brings to the table that have allowed him to develop custom, solutions that will ensure that all of your guests are thoroughly entertained.  Unlike music, comedy and many other subjective forms of entertainment, Aaron Paterson's magic has the mass appeal to enthrall audiences of all backgrounds, age groups and walks of life.  In today's fast paced "internet" world, people are used to getting results quickly and while this has added incredible convenience to our lives, it has also shortened our attention spans.  As a result it is important to provide entertainment (see also, Corporate Entertainment Toronto) that is hard hitting and thoroughly engaging.  As a result, Toronto based illusionist Aaron Paterson has structured, thought-provoking, visual presentations that are the perfect solution for your company party or event (see video: Toronto Corporate Magician).   The audience (your guests) become a part of the experience, leading to a throughly captivating experience for all.   


Corporate party ideas Toronto - Photo of a table set in a banquet facility with wonderful atmosphere.

Atmosphere is the third key to a successful corporate party.  It is important to create a fun atmosphere from the moment your guests arrive.  This will set the tone for your party and build anticipation for what's to come later on.  You have heard the saying that "first impressions are everything", well when it comes to parties, this is especially true because the first impression will set the mood for the rest of your corporate party.  We have some great ideas for creating the right atmosphere at your party, see our Cocktail Entertainment for further details.

So whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a spectacular corporate gala, always remember our acronym, FEA and you can't go wrong.  If you would like sure-fire corporate party ideas for Toronto or anywhere in Canada, contact us now and we would be happy to let you know how we can be of service to you.